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Where are the bones?

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is the subject of a recent Northwest News Network feature (you can listen to it here). In an apparent outtake from that piece, Meldrum answered the age-old “where are the bodies” question about as well as anyone

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I’d like to thanks Bill Munns once again for coming on the show the other day. He was cordial and, at least for this show, thank God, I wasn’ t the yackiest mofo on there.

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Episode 50: Munnsapalooza!

Episode 50 of The Bigfoot Show — Munnsapalooza! — has sauntered onto the internet like a hairy hominid walking down a creek bed in Northern California. On the show with Scott, Paul, Sam and Brian is Hollywood costume and make-up expert

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Complete PGF reel (updated)

This appears to be the complete reel of film shot by Roger Patterson in and around Bluff Creek, CA, in 1967 that ends with the famous figure walking away down the creek. Not sure which copy it is, but the

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Tipping my hand

Anyone who’s listened to the show for more than a couple episodes knows how I try to keep the conversation off the Patterson-Gimlin Film. And yet, here we are inching closer and closer to what may be the ultimate PGF smack-down

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8 Humanlike Behaviors of Primates

From how they say no to the use of sex toys, primates do lots of things we do.

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Show notes help!

So, we’re launching this shiny new blog right after our 49th show. That means we have 48 shows worth of show notes that need to be written. That’s where you come in! I’d like to try to crowdsource our back-catalog

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