About the BFS

Started in 2007, The Bigfoot Show is an occasionally produced, unscripted, unrehearsed, and sometimes moderately humorous discussion of the world of bigfoot.

Your hosts of The Bigfoot Show are (in order of appearance):

Brian Brown
In 2002, Brian founded The Bigfoot Forums. That led him to start The Bigfoot Information Project and, eventually, create the BIPcast. In 2007, he launched The Bigfoot Show (you’re soaking in it!) and, a couple of years later, joined the North American Wood Ape Conservancy where he serves on their Board of Directors. Brian blogs about non-bigfooty things at Moon Burrito.

Scott Herriott
Scott’s bio is currently cooking.

Paul Vella
Paul is an Irish-born, thoroughly mixed-up person who lives in England. Paul is a Forensic Examiner and Expert Witness by profession. Despite being an ‘evidence-based’ scientist and a natural skeptic, he has a fascination with a number of esoteric subjects, especially bigfoot. Paul moderated The Bigfoot Forums for many years until he came to his senses and is now co-host of The Bigfoot Show. Paul is a huge fan of Doctor Who and frequently cites the BBC as the main reason he never wants to live anywhere other than the UK.

Sam Rich
Sam began actively participating in this three ring circus called Bigfootery in 2001. That same year he created the GeorgiaBigfoot website which flourished with some success until it died of loneliness sometime in 2008. Sam has conducted independent field work in Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and now works as an investigator for the NAWAC.

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Your humble hosts