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An open mind is a terrible thing to waste

Yesterday, a woman named Brenda Harris was on the MN.B.R.T. Radio podcast. Brenda, according to the show’s notes, is a bigfoot researcher living on a reservation in New Mexico. While on the show, she discussed an interesting image of what

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The more things change…

Here’s an awesome old clip from Bigfoot: Man or Beast? of a discussion between René Dahinden, Robert Morgan, and John Green where they debate perhaps the classic bigfoot conundrum. Striking similarities to the very conversations we’ve had on the show. Skip

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Don’t call them skeptics

I know something about internet discussion boards. Way before the advent of this Facebook thing, I used to frequent quite a few of them. Then, back in 2002, I manifested hubris sufficient to start my own. It’s still chugging along and

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Bigfoot is cooler than you

Let us pause for a moment and reflect upon the fact that bigfoot means a great number of different things to an even greater number of people.  The very fact that I could have inserted (wood ape, sasquatch, forest people…

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Quest for the Kouprey

From the 1995 International Wildlife article called “Quest for the Kouprey:” Since the kouprey was discovered by Western science in 1957, biologists have crisscrossed its historical range in the shared border areas of Kampuchea (formerly Cambodia). Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, warily

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Episode 52: Outcasts, miscreants and creduloids

We’re back, baby! This time around, we chat about Les Stroud and that Todd guy, the $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty, the Minnesota Iceman, are bigfoot people more cra-cra than in the past, how much wood would a bigfoot chuck if a

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