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Some things we learned about Melba today

Even though bigfoot are people, she has a DNA sample from a half-human, half-bigfoot “type specimen.” The kind of type specimen she said the other day would doom its finders/creators with ancient native curses and/or government smack-downs. She can’t talk

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Episode 61: Reverse centaur blues

Episode 61 — Reverse centaur blues — has galloped across the internet like a freakish mythological creature. On the show this time, Scott, Paul, Sam, and Brian discuss Melba’s latest scheme to separate you from your money, the ThinkerThunker giant sequoia video,

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Points of clarification re: zombie ants

My last post about the mismanagement I’ve observed and experienced at the Bigfoot Forums (BFF) has been met (based on comments here) with nearly overwhelmingly negative reaction. That’s fine. It’s to be expected. However, what’s not fine is several apparent misperceptions

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Parasites are driving the ant

Nature be crazy. Case in point: The lancet river fluke, AKA Dicrocoelium dendriticum This parasite is found all over the world and its life cycle is so crazy and so Rube Goldberg-esque that, after first hearing about them, one would be

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Tree trouble

On BFS 060 you heard Daryl Colyer and I discuss an event that occurred during the second week of this year’s NAWAC continuous field operation. That week, being the second, was designated Bravo and the research operation, the group’s fourth

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Thus spoke science

Melba Ketchum, commenting on the creation of a Go Fund Me campaign looking for support to collect a wood ape specimen. Let’s just break this down, shall we? “Killing something illegally and out of season is wrong on so many

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