Episode 61: Reverse centaur blues

it takes all kinds

Episode 61 — Reverse centaur blues — has galloped across the internet like a freakish mythological creature. On the show this time, Scott, Paul, Sam, and Brian discuss Melba’s latest scheme to separate you from your money, the ThinkerThunker giant sequoia video, Todd “don’t call it a muppet” Standing joining forces with Jeff Meldrum, Finding Bigfoot finding new life, video from Area X, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone, Brian Sykes’ DNA report, scary bigfoot, and the Ohio Howl. Whew.

Snag the show using this direct download link or via iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

Show Notes

Melba Ketchum wants your money re: Peruvian aliens, bigfoot, etc.

Mysterious Universe says ancient Peruvians were not aliens.

Buck Rogers was an awesome TV show.

ThinkerThunker’s analysis of the “Giant Sequoia” video  (Note that Daniel Falconer tells us the suit for this hoax originally accompanied the video when it first appeared.)

Todd Standing and Jeff Meldrum are putting on a show!

Brian shot some video over Area X with his drone:

The drone in question is a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

Bryan Sykes published his paper (PDF link).

Creature from Black Lake was a scary movie, apparently, but Brian forgets seeing it with Paul.

Brian wrote about the tree break discussed in BFS 060.

Matt Moneymaker recorded the Ohio Howl and is very funny on Twitter.

Some of us still need to see Bobcat’s movie.


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2 comments on “Episode 61: Reverse centaur blues
  1. Carrie Larson says:

    I don’t believe in Bigfoot, and while I don’t think it’s impossible, I think it’s very close to impossible. Saying “You can’t prove a negative” isn’t a very compelling counter argument, since yeah, you can’t prove a negative, but that also means that you have to prove they exist. Anyways, I didn’t mean to be so negative. I really do like this show, because it’s so chatty, and fun to listen to you guys. I look forward to episodes, for just those reasons. Thanks for making the podcast.

  2. andy firth says:

    Love the show guys, cannot get enough of AREA X. I understand that many, MANY hours of work goes into each show and would like to thank you for all that work. Only one thing could improve The Bigfoot Show and that’s if you could try and bring a new show out on regular intervals, maybe monthly? (Weekly would be amazing) At the moment I ( & others, I’m sure) have to check everyday just in case. Well have a great 2015 and good luck to N.A.W.A.C May this be the year that the woodape is recognised.

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