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PGF debunking debunked

I don’t recall ever having heard of the TV show Making Monsters so I obviously didn’t know they tried to tackle the Patterson-Gimlin figure. And by “tackle” I mean “show to be fake” since the star of the show, effects maker Ed

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Episode 50: Munnsapalooza!

Episode 50 of The Bigfoot Show — Munnsapalooza! — has sauntered onto the internet like a hairy hominid walking down a creek bed in Northern California. On the show with Scott, Paul, Sam and Brian is Hollywood costume and make-up expert

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Tipping my hand

Anyone who’s listened to the show for more than a couple episodes knows how I try to keep the conversation off the Patterson-Gimlin Film. And yet, here we are inching closer and closer to what may be the ultimate PGF smack-down

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