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Everything ends

After a long, hard think I’ve decided to stop producing The Bigfoot Show. I say “I” though there are four of us, I get that, but this a personal decision on my part to end the show. I’ve been making

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BFS on hiatus

Gonna treat this like a band-aid just rip it off: The Bigfoot Show is going on indefinite hiatus. No new shows are scheduled and no date to resume producing them in on the table. You probably want to know why. Multiple

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The sausage

For those interested in how we produce the show (and I know there’s at least one), here’s the gear and services we use to make The Bigfoot Show: Yeti Pro microphone by Blue Awesome mic. We were able to get

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Tipping my hand

Anyone who’s listened to the show for more than a couple episodes knows how I try to keep the conversation off the Patterson-Gimlin Film. And yet, here we are inching closer and closer to what may be the ultimate PGF smack-down

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Show notes help!

So, we’re launching this shiny new blog right after our 49th show. That means we have 48 shows worth of show notes that need to be written. That’s where you come in! I’d like to try to crowdsource our back-catalog

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