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Gonna treat this like a band-aid just rip it off: The Bigfoot Show is going on indefinite hiatus. No new shows are scheduled and no date to resume producing them in on the table.

You probably want to know why. Multiple reasons. First of all, this is going to be a busy summer for me. I’ll spend at least three weeks in the field which usually turns into six weekends along with the time commitment needed to prepare and deal with the aftermath. And that’s just me. The other guys have their own things going on. It’s true that the production of the show itself is typically about 4-6 hours in total (recording, editing, distributing) which is pretty low for a podcast, but being prepared for the show takes much more effort. Not only time, but initiative.

For example. A lot of folks want us to talk about Les Stroud’s bigfoot shows. It’s absolutely what the BFS was designed to hash over. But I have to tell you, after 12 years of swimming in the usually crazy and often frustrating world of sasquatchery, it’s hard for me to generate the energy required to watch Les’ adventures with His Sylvanic Majesty. If I can’t get enthused about something like that, I might not be the best guy to count on to make a bigfoot podcast. Add on top of that enthusiasm deficit a general lack of time, and you start to see the problem.

Sure, we could just phone it in and try to talk about stuff we haven’t seen or have no idea about, but there’s plenty of that already in the world. As a culture, we don’t need more of it.

I’m not willing to say this is the end of the BFS. But we need a break. I may pump out a special episode every once in a while like those I’ve made in the past on the NAWAC’s research. But those would be sporadic.

I know this news will be greeted with significant disappointment to some of you. I truly appreciate your enthusiasm for what we’ve done here and thank you for being such great fans. Once this busy time is past, we may have some new things for you to check out. Stay tuned!

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14 comments on “BFS on hiatus
  1. john says:

    lame. I really enjoyed your blog.

    you kept the bullshit artists in line.

  2. John Naeher III (N'•air) says:

    Brian, I really respect your commitment to the show. It’s one of the things that made it great. You not wanting to produce a sub-par show reflects that commitment. I do hope that the video BFS comes together sometime in the future. But, until then enjoy the time off, enjoy your new pool, and I hope to meet you in the field someday.
    Special thanks to all the co-hosts: Paul, Scott, Sam, and any others. Thank you for your time, energy, and guiding wisdom.

  3. COL (R) Alan C. Hoffheintz says:

    I’m really sorry to hear this buy understand.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. I really appreciate the time & effort that y’all had put into the show. Hope to see you in the field … while doin’ our time in the grime! Thanks again …

  5. Mattlib says:

    Disappointed because I just got into The Bigfoot Show less than 3 months ago, but you’re reasons are totally understandable. Best wishes, Brian.

  6. Thanks for all the effort of the past show to everyone at TBS. I should get over have no podcasts to listen to in 6-8 week,lol. Seriously do send us update when you can, enjoy your time of refreshing
    thanks again jeff

  7. Area X – That is what I want to hear. To be honest I started listening to this Podcast a long time ago and loved it. In recent past it wasn’t so great a lot of old predictable jokes, some very good points followed by some not so great points about Paterson film being faked by magical person with movable leg and arm joints. PLEASE just do Area X !!!

  8. Scott says:

    I’ve been something of a lurker over the last two or three years, listening from the back row and not commenting or making direct contact with you guys about the show. My interest in the subject has been rekindled by your enthusiasm and through the discussions I’ve heard on your show. I’ve tried listening to other related podcasts, and quickly grew tired of the self-promotional bullshit, etc. I was interested in the BFSs ‘take’ on the whole Les Stroud thing, but I think I can imagine what each of you would say. The beauty of the BFS is not so much about the ‘breaking news’ in Bigfootery, but the heated conversations (arguments?) that would result. I will miss that. Summers have always been ‘show deserts’, since you all are very busy, etc. Burnout is something that effects most of us eventually. Take your break and lets see what happens – I am hopeful that you will put together that ‘road trip show’ someday. Thank you all for your hard work and maybe you’ll produce more shows in the future – I’ll be listening just in case!

  9. Miller says:

    Not happy to hear about this at all.
    I found the four of you very entertaining, and will miss hearing the varying takes one BF-related shows, stories, hoaxes and everything else. I was very much looking forward to the analysis of Stroud and Meldrum now working with Standing, plus a few other things.

    Really don’t care about Area X. The only things ever brought back are more unconfirmed stories, and there are already plenty of those in the world of BF. What is now missing is an informed, funny, smart and entertaining show dedicated to the topic that isn’t trying to overtly sell more nonsense. There was value in that.

  10. Guys, really gutted to hear this! Such a genuinely entertaining show with some sincere and intelligent debate. I’m gonna have to go back to hillybilly bigfoot talk radio now – dagnabbit!

    Hope to hear you guys soon,

    Mark, UK.

  11. David says:

    Well, I’m sorry to hear it. I’m not a sasquatch believer, but the fact that so many people believe they have seen something makes me want to hear a reasonable debate on the subject. You guys present the subject in an informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining way, and don’t insult our intelligence. Respect to your desire to keep the standards high! Hope you are back before too long. Best wishes.

  12. Ben says:

    Thanks for all the shows you’ve already put out there. Thanks for the effort. It’s one of the best podcasts out there in podcast land, and I’ve heard quite a few. Your shows have given me hours of enjoyment over the past two years. It’s actually a pretty rare thing, you know, finding a podcast that good. You don’t stumble across something that works that well every single day.
    I hope you guys get back to it at some point. Sometimes it’s good to walk away for a while, but you guys built something special with The Bigfoot Show, and at the very least I hope you realise that. You did good.

    Best of luck guys.

  13. Vaughn says:

    I totally get it. You guys are entertaining to listen to but I agree there isn’t a lot to talk about going on. I really like the Area X episodes so if you can do one or two of those after time in the field that would be awesome. I would suggest if something actually newsworthy comes up maybe you guys could do an impromptu show but other than that…I get it.

  14. Tyler says:

    Wanted your guys opinion on the Russian yeti, would have been a great listen. Your sometimes very blunt but need opinions on these things are why I love this podcast! Hope you have luck this summer in the field and hopefully we will hear something in the near future!

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