Jacobs Photo: Case closed

Remember the Jacobs Photo? Of the supposed sasquatch captured by a game cam in Pennsylvania cavorting near a bait station at which bears were also photographed? The one that inspired millions of words to be fired hither and yon across the internets, both in support and derision? That one? Good times.

Here, for those who have forgotten, is what that image looked like.



Image source: BFRO


Some said it looked like a chimp. Others said it looked like a scrawny bear. It ended up being one of those bigfoot things that separates enthusiasts like the Memorial Day Footage, the Skookum Cast, and even the Patterson-Gimlin Film. Well…

The other day, Crypromundo posted from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan an image with a nearly identical provenance to the Jacobs Photo. Bait station, game cam, etc. (Cryptomundo said it was originally submitted to Bigfoot Evidence but I can’t find it there.)


Image source: Cryptomundo

Wow! Another little bigfoot showing a game cam its butt! How thrilling. Except you can actually see the bear’s tail in this one. Otherwise, it looks a lot like the Jacobs Photo. But still, there was some debate on the internet because that’s what happens on the internet.

Two days ago, Cryptomundo posted a follow-up.


Image source: Cryptomundo

Well hey there, Boo-boo! Of course, the Muggle media has picked up the original story and not the subsequent one. I’ve seen it posted to friend’s timelines on Facebook by usually (but not always) well-meaning friends.

Bottom line, the Jacobs Photo looks nearly identical to the first Michigan photo. They’re both of bears. Really and truly. You can go back to fighting over the Skookum Cast now if you want, but those are bears.

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One comment on “Jacobs Photo: Case closed
  1. fonnhguiher says:

    As always..your the man!!

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