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In search of…a real search

Friend of the show and recent focus of our attention Sharon Hill (we’re not stalking, I swear) likes the Channel 4 “Bigfoot Files” episode on the Yeti: You should have seen me smiling when the show began with EXACTLY the

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Episode 49: Oh, grow up!

Episode 49 of The Bigfoot Show — Oh, grow up! — has tumbled onto the internet like tears running down the cheek of a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. On this episode you’ll enjoy a Ketchum catch-up, discussion of

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Episode 46: Triple facepalm

Episode 46 of The Bigfoot Show – Triple facepalm – has been submitted to the internet like a poorly written, scientifically invalid report of the DNA we sequenced over our summer vacation. We cover, unsurprisingly, the Ketchum paper, Matilda the

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Episode 45: Unboxing Daisy

  Episode 45, Unboxing Daisy, has insulted the entire internet like a stupid NFL ref’s crappy call during a playoff game – This time around, we discuss Daisy, the squatch in a box, the Texas Bigfoot Conference, DNA darts, trained

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Episode 43: Deoxyribonucleic Antics

Episode 43 – Deoxyribonucleic Antics: The Revenge – has spliced itself into the very DNA of the internet. Featuring an interview with an honest-to-god expert, Dr. Todd Disotell of Cornell University, the boys venture into the mysterious world of Melba

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