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Episode 63: Bitchin’ about bigfoot

Episode 63 — Bitchin’ about bigfoot — has sulked onto the internet like a surly teenage malcontent. On the show this time, Scott, Sam, and Brian display an inordinately negative attitude about all things bigfoot while musing over Todd Standing’s desire for $900,000

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Episode 61: Reverse centaur blues

Episode 61 — Reverse centaur blues — has galloped across the internet like a freakish mythological creature. On the show this time, Scott, Paul, Sam, and Brian discuss Melba’s latest scheme to separate you from your money, the ThinkerThunker giant sequoia video,

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Episode 52: Outcasts, miscreants and creduloids

We’re back, baby! This time around, we chat about Les Stroud and that Todd guy, the $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty, the Minnesota Iceman, are bigfoot people more cra-cra than in the past, how much wood would a bigfoot chuck if a

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