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In search of…a real search

Friend of the show and recent focus of our attention Sharon Hill (we’re not stalking, I swear) likes the Channel 4 “Bigfoot Files” episode on the Yeti: You should have seen me smiling when the show began with EXACTLY the

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What would Yosemite Sam do?

Back on BFS 55, my guest Sharon Hill said a few things that, at the time, I recognized as the kinds of comments one often hears as reasons the incredulous doubt the existence of the North American Wood Ape. My

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Feedback is a gift

Episode 55 guest Sharon Hill has posted to her blog an account of how she ran afoul of the BFRO’s purity police. Turns out, she wrote an article for Doubtful News about Bryan Sykes’ new Yeti book and posted it to the

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Episode 55: I doubt it

Episode 55 of The Bigfoot Show has reproachfully arched its eyebrow at the internet like that woman in a bar who doesn’t buy your best pick-up line. On the show this time, Sharon Hill, editor of the Doubtful News blog

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