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Jacobs Photo: Case closed

Remember the Jacobs Photo? Of the supposed sasquatch captured by a game cam in Pennsylvania cavorting near a bait station at which bears were also photographed? The one that inspired millions of words to be fired hither and yon across

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Review: Minerva Monster

Back on Episode 64, I had Seth Breedlove on to talk about the documentary he was working on, Minerva Monster. If you haven’t already, you should check out that show. It was a lot of fun and gives a great background

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Everything ends

After a long, hard think I’ve decided to stop producing The Bigfoot Show. I say “I” though there are four of us, I get that, but this a personal decision on my part to end the show. I’ve been making

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Episode 64: Monster show

Episode 64 — Monster show — has crept onto the internet like a shadowy forest beast sneaking up on a mobile home park. On  the show this time, Brian talks to Seth Breedlove, producer of the great SasWhat podcast, Ancillary

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Episode 63: Bitchin’ about bigfoot

Episode 63 — Bitchin’ about bigfoot — has sulked onto the internet like a surly teenage malcontent. On the show this time, Scott, Sam, and Brian display an inordinately negative attitude about all things bigfoot while musing over Todd Standing’s desire for $900,000

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Episode 62: Refugium X

Episode 62 — Refugium X — has hidden itself away on the internet like a population of relic megafauna. On the show this time, Brian interviews several members of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy regarding their recently concluded long-term

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My dinner with Cliff

The other day, I had the chance to hang out with Cliff Barackman as he passed through town after producing a new Minnesota episode of Finding Bigfoot. I’ve only ever been with Cliff out in the woods: Twice near Skookum Meadows

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