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Tree trouble

On BFS 060 you heard Daryl Colyer and I discuss an event that occurred during the second week of this year’s NAWAC continuous field operation. That week, being the second, was designated Bravo and the research operation, the group’s fourth

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Episode 60: A hand and an arm and a thong

Episode 60 of The Bigfoot Show — A hand and an arm and a thong — has ricocheted against the internet like a well-lofted rock off a tin roof. On the show this time, an interview with David Mizejewski recorded on location in

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Episode 47: Miasma of insanity

Episode 47 of The Bigfoot Show – Miasma of insanity – has tangled with the internet like Jim Fowler wrestling a water buffalo while Marlin Perkins circles safely overhead in a helicopter. This time, naturalist and media personality David Mizejewski

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