Episode 47: Miasma of insanity

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Episode 47 of The Bigfoot Show – Miasma of insanity – has tangled with the internet like Jim Fowler wrestling a water buffalo while Marlin Perkins circles safely overhead in a helicopter. This time, naturalist and media personality David Mizejewski is our special guest. We commiserate with David over the depressing state of the world of sasquatchery plus debate more interesting things like how a real scientist might prove the existence of bigfoot and the moral and philosophical implications of same. Among so many other awesome things. Don’t miss this show!

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Show notes after the jump.

Show Notes

Special thanks to Cheyenne Skye for providing these notes!

Recorded March 3, 2013
Brian, Scott, Paul and David Mizejewski are on the show.

Paul’s chair makes an appearance again, as well.

David Mizejewski is a naturalist, blogger, author, and media personality with the National Wildlife Federation.  The opinions expressed in this show are his own personal opinions and not those of the NWF.  He first became interested in the subject of Sasquatch as a child.

What is a Naturalist? It is a person that has a broad knowledge of the natural world, but most of all a communicator to educate and the general public about the natural world and inspire them to protect it.
Discussion of how easy it is to be wrong when identifying animals in the wild.  It is important to know the critters in your woods!

David weighs in on the Ketchum DNA study and agrees that buying your own journal isn’t really an accepted peer review process, and that the chances of a 500lb lemur getting it on with a woman are pretty slim.

If you say it on the internet then it is TRUE, and that really helps out the Ketchum camp.

Melba may now be the “Woman That Cries Bigfoot”, and has raised the bar higher for future proof.

Kill No-kill is brought up, and David supports the idea of bringing in a body as the most effective way to prove the existence of Sasquattle.   Scott supports the idea of convincing one to come in for an interview with a few tissue samples thrown in.

The unit of importance in Conservation is not the individual, it is the whole community.

Debate on DNA proof without a body to support that evidence.

Images of Matilda the very sleepy Sasquatch’s face have leaked, and she is a Wookie!

Higher ape discovery has always been a long process.  Combine that with the lack of concentrated effort to find the apes in North America, and it isn’t hard to believe that it hasn’t been “discovered” yet.

Questions: How do we as propants of science in Bigfootery do a better job of creating amateur naturalists/biologists or “citizen naturalists,” What, if any, resources are you aware of  for someone wishing to increase their scientific acumen when it comes to biology and ecology, What should we plant to draw a bigfoot into our yards (lol), What is the scientific estimate of how many Wookies are left in the wild?

Squatchfilms.com  – new movie is out!!

David: National Wildlife Federation,  nwf.org/naturegeek

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One comment on “Episode 47: Miasma of insanity
  1. Silent Sam says:

    I just want to say this episode classed the joint up. David was an excellent guest and I really regret missing out on this one.

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