Episode 46: Triple facepalm

Episode 46 of The Bigfoot Show – Triple facepalm – has been submitted to the internet like a poorly written, scientifically invalid report of the DNA we sequenced over our summer vacation. We cover, unsurprisingly, the Ketchum paper, Matilda the very tired sasquatch, and Rick Dyer’s new and improved bigfoot hoax. Also, ghostly bigfoot sightings. Also also, the whole ordeal has left us very depressed. We need a drink.

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Show notes after the jump…

Show notes

Special thanks to Cheyenne Skye for contributing these show notes!

Ep 46: Triple Facepalm
Feb 17, 2013

Melba Ketchum and Matilda the sleeping Sasquatch:

Melba finally released her paper at $30 a download.  Those that dreamily hoping that she would produce a significant document sort of dreamily defended her and the rest of the world is scratching their head wondering why we are talking about this.

Todd Disotell weighed in and said that the report was too incomplete to judge the genomic date.  The ntdna is clearly human but without details or the data themselves judging the nuclear results is not possible.   Science to human translator = horsesh*t

Even if she has something here, she has presented it in a way that is completely useless and will dismiss her out of hand by anyone who knows what they are talking about.  If possible, the paper is worse than expected. If she can’t dazzle them with brilliance she can baffle them with bullshit.  *All rights preserved!

More discussion about what other geneticists say about the paper and items in her paper like the origins of her samples.

To bolster the Erickson footage they released a 19 second clip of “Matilda” sleeping on the side of a hill.  The detail in the video is pretty much non-existent.  And now, Erickson isn’t releasing the footage.

Rick Dyer:

Has a new hoax out with a Bigfoot filmed on a cell phone from a tent.  But, he claims he shot a Bigfoot and it is now in Las Vegas.  Musky Allen was interviewed by FB/FB and has stated that he saw the creature.   The British film crew that was with him at the time, won’t respond about the situation.  Rick Dyer actually said after the 2008 fiasco that he would pull off another big hoax.

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!  Brian has had it with ALL of you bullsh*tters!  At least spread it all out enough so we can get more shows from it!

Listener questions  “ One asks about supernatural phenomenon concerning Bigfoot since no convincing proof exists and that they are reported in numerous places where they really shouldn’t exist… “, “At what point does the amount of time and effort being put into finding the proof without producing any sensible results that meet the standards of legitimate scientific community become disproof?”


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