Episode 50: Munnsapalooza!

painted-on leg dot porn

Episode 50 of The Bigfoot Show — Munnsapalooza! — has sauntered onto the internet like a hairy hominid walking down a creek bed in Northern California. On the show with Scott, Paul, Sam and Brian is Hollywood costume and make-up expert Bill Munns discussing his Texas Bigfoot Conference presentation, “Patterson-Gimlin Hominid: Extraordinary costume or extraordinary reality?

Snag the show from iTunes, Stitcher or by boogying down with the DDL.

Show notes after the jump.

Show notes:

Brian tipped his hand before the show.

Key time codes from the presentation’s YouTube video:

Head/mask creation: 4:40
Rigid mask on a human: 8:45
Rubber mask attached to costume: 12:35
Armpit compared to humans: 13:55
Armpit suit construction: 16:00
Armpit compared to primates: 17:05
Breast motion: 20:00
Breast motion compared to humans: 22:20
Breast motion compared to costume materials: 23:00
Leg stretch: 25:40
Legs stretch compared to human/suit: 26:45
Back compared to suit: 29:25
Back compared to humans: 31:40
Leg/buttock junction compared to suit: 34:30
Leg/buttock junction compared to humans: 39:25
Buttock dimple compared to humans: 40:30
Buttock subduction: 43:10
Thigh thumb brush: 46:20

The Munns Report

The complete PGF film reel

Dick Smith, make-up artist

John Chambers, make-up artist

Rick Baker, make-up artist

Stuart Freeborn, make-up artist

2001: A Space Odyssey “Dawn of man” scene

The late, great Verne Langdon is mentioned several times. He joined us way back on Episode 7.

The Blogtalk show Brian was on recently.” AKA, Beyond the Edge of Reality (stay around for the second half with world-class hoaxer Rick Dyer).


Intro is snipped from “Rose Tint My World” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, available from iTunes and Google Play.

Extro is a bit from “Sod Maza Haath Mala Pine De,” sung by Asha Bhosle, featured in the 1981 Bollywood film Fiffty Fiffty. Apparently, it was quite popular. 

Got any show note additions? Drop ’em in the comments below!

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6 comments on “Episode 50: Munnsapalooza!
  1. […] like to thanks Bill Munns once again for coming on the show the other day. He was cordial and, at least for this show, thank God, I wasn’ t the yackiest mofo on there. […]

  2. Junior says:

    I m a newbie always had an interest in Bigfoot and find it hard to know who’s legit and who are trolling or hoaxing. I’m open minded and believe with so much land untouched or charted its possible. This was an awesome show thanks a lot for it was amazing hearing Bills breakdown. Thank you.

  3. Good episode, is the podcast bi-annual now? Waiting impatiently for the next one!

  4. […] the size of the head on the thing and consider that in the context of what Bill Munns told us on BFS 50: The head has to be huge in Edmunds’ suit to fit the head of an actor. The head of the PGF […]

  5. dave festa says:

    obviously you don’t have to find bigfoot to prove that it did exist. ..proving that it isn’t a costume gives you the same answer..this is a perfect example of not seeing the forest thru the trees..

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