Where are the bones?

Credit Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is the subject of a recent Northwest News Network feature (you can listen to it here). In an apparent outtake from that piece, Meldrum answered the age-old “where are the bodies” question about as well as anyone can.

Where’s the body? (MP3, 721 kb)

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3 comments on “Where are the bones?
  1. Clear and concise answer, well done!

  2. Jerry Howell says:

    It was a very good answer. But I have to wonder if Bigfoot was here pre historic, why no fossil records. And not just here in North America, but around the world. But that is another topic, but one I would like for Dr Meldrum to address. I wish him luck….

  3. Jerry Howell says:

    BTW, I wish him luck in the search of BF, not in answering the question! I have great respect for him!

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