Episode 59: Motorboating orangutans


Episode 59 of The Bigfoot Show — Motorboating Orangutans — has absconded across the internet like a crafty, red-furred forest person looking to take a skiff out for a joy-ride. On the show this time is the full complement of BFS hosts — Scott Herriot, Sam Rich, Paul Vella, and Brian Brown. Discussed topics include the end of the line for Finding Bigfoot, more on the Ketchum Follies, disputes over the Brown Thermal footage from Florida, further information on the Gray’s Harbor thermal footage, and other exciting and fascinating topics, many of which were suggested by our listeners.

Hotwire the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, etc., or pilfer it from the direct download link.

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7 comments on “Episode 59: Motorboating orangutans
  1. David says:

    Hard to starboard, Clyde!

  2. stan norton says:

    Had to be the poorest bunch of ‘news’ stories to try and make a show from. When will anything remotely of proper interest ever happen?? Roll on X season….

    • Brian Brown says:

      Save your receipt, Stan. Satisfaction or your money back.

      • stan norton says:

        Here’s hoping something of note happens in time for your diamond jubilee episode!

      • Tristan Norton says:

        Wasn’t criticising Brian, just lamenting that yet again there is nothing to talk about but fakes and cranks and indeterminable images. Seems like nothing of any substance is coming through to wet the whistle. It’s all a bit depressing really!

  3. We all have our vices… so don’t judge me. I watched all of ’10 million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty’ and it’s funny because guess who won. Stacey Brown Jr. Like you pointed out in this episode, since this is ‘The Bigfoot Show’, you really should have someone watching these shows on Sasquattle, I volunteer. Except for ‘Finding Bigfoot’. That show sucks…

  4. Allan, a.k.a. Kite-Squatch says:

    FWLIW, I thought #59 was a GREAT episode….

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