Episode 58: Icebergs of madness


Episode 58 of The Bigfoot Show has slammed into the internet like a lollipop hammer taking out that last stupid jelly square on your final move on the eighty-sixth level of an evil and addictive candy-themed video game. In this episode, Scott, Paul and Brian pick their bigfoot story of 2013, bemoan the state of squatch TV, ponder breaks between the C1 and C2 vertebrae, salivate over bigfoot pornography, and pontificate on various topics suggested by our listeners.

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Show notes to come…

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5 comments on “Episode 58: Icebergs of madness
  1. stan norton says:

    Orcas kill sharks and only consume the liver. Top terrestrial predators, especially those of high intelligence, could plausibly kill ungulate prey for the liver…

  2. Rob Baird says:

    Kudos to Scott and Paul for calling out Brian on his epistemic overreach.

  3. billyrae moskowitz says:

    You are funny. So you saw a blur, and your pal said it was BF, and therefore you have no problem telling people you saw BF? If you were a juror and a witness said the same thing, would you vote to convict?

    Another explanation for elk w/ just the liver taken is hunters (human ones) taking out the liver to sell as fake bear liver which is valuable in the illegal wildlife trade.

    • Brian Brown says:

      You’re funny. If this was being discussed in a courtroom, the entire context of the event would be considered, not just one aspect of it boiled down to its chunkiest, least nuanced components. That’s typical, though, of denialists. Nothing has context, there are no larger considerations. Every sighting is a bear, etc., because — DUH — bigfoot do not exist.

      • Hey Brian. Love the show. Finally caught up a couple days ago. Fortunately, the pace of new shows being released helped me out. Side-note: I had to work on New Year’s Eve and was getting tired of all of the year end roundups on my podcasts and figured that I was a year behind on the BFS and would be safe. Turns out, I was exactly a year behind and listened to the 2012 year end roundup. Anyways, I have to say that, when you say that you saw a Sasquatch, it implies that you had a clear identification of the animal. I understand your argument about the trust you have in the word of your friends and given the circumstances, I would say that in all likelihood, you did witness a Sasquatch that night, but, saying that you saw a Bigfoot is a definitive account and I think we both can agree there is at LEAST a small chance that what you saw wasn’t. If there is a chance, no matter how small, it cannot be definitive. Now I didn’t decided to finally check out the BFS website just to argue this minute point. I was just a little taken back when I heard you give such a decisive statement. This is by far my favorite Show on Sasquattle and can’t wait for the next one, although I know I will have to…

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