Aw, nuts.

As mentioned in Episode 51, one of the more interesting pieces of potential wood ape behavioral evidence I found in Area X while there with the NAWAC earlier this summer was a boulder with some old, broken hickory nut husks under a smaller rock. The group has been finding nut remains on boulders like this for many years but we’ve never found the other rock that presumably was used to break them open.

Here are a few images I took of the find.

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Here’s an example of a primate (in this case, a chimp) using a rock in exactly the way we think wood apes use them in the Ouachitas:

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5 comments on “Aw, nuts.
  1. Anklesbane says:

    Obviously this has been caused by local rednecks who have sneaking into the area at night in order to plant different forms of evidence and to run around in hot and heavy gorilla suits in order to throw you guys off.
    Because… logic.

  2. Kelly Curtis/Billy D Williams says:

    Just some observations. If they are putting the rocks in their mouth, wouldn’t it then transfer it’s DNA to the rock via saliva? And if they were tossing the rocks, if you could look at them through a FLIR right after they landed, wouldn’t you be able to see heat from them holding the rock before throwing them? Even if you put a FLIR focused on the roof where they were throwing the rocks, shouldn’t you be able to see the rocks actually cool down after impact? And I fly RC quadcopters and RC heli’s (damn good at them actually). Have you ever had one hover above the ‘cabin’ with a FLIR and have it do slow pirouettes to see if anything approaches? You can set one up with a GPS and have it hover at a specific altitude, or better yet, do FPV (first person view) via the FLIR camera. One company is just about to release a quadcopter that is fast, maneuverable and quiet. The test videos with the FPV are crazy. I would try to train one camera to point down and another to actually fly it, and buzz around at high speed as soon as you hear rocks. Just head in that direction. If you wanted to check out the quads, google ‘DJI quadcopters’. The ‘drone’ that was shot down during the protests in Turkey last week was just a simple $400 DJI quad with a GoPro. They are easy to fly (I would even volunteer) and set up. Cheaper than hiring it out to a third party. Just some thoughts, and keep up the work!

    • Anklesbane says:

      From what I remember from the TBRC/NAWAC conference this year, Area X is supposed to be remote enough that in order to maintain multiple devices such as FLIRs and drones or pretty much most other high tech equipment it would take more batteries than would be reasonable to have in supply.

      Also, seeing the rocks be warm on the roof after their flight probably wouldn’t do much for the more skeptical arguments. Trying to use a drone with a FLIR probably wouldn’t do much either due to the super dense brush that is around there. I live in northeast Texas and it’s bad enough here without being on a mountainside.

      Of course, to be fair, I could be wrong.

  3. Matt says:

    Wow I pictured a much smaller rock.

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