Episode 64: Monster show


Episode 64 — Monster show — has crept onto the internet like a shadowy forest beast sneaking up on a mobile home park. On  the show this time, Brian talks to Seth Breedlove, producer of the great SasWhat podcast, Ancillary Characters podcast, and director of the forthcoming documentary Minerva Monster.

Get a jump on the show via iTunes, Stitcher, etc., or by using this direct download link.

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7 comments on “Episode 64: Monster show
  1. COL (R) Alan C. Hoffheintz says:

    What photo are y’all discussing near the beginning of the show?

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  2. Peter says:

    Awesome show! Can’t wait for the documentary.

  3. David says:

    You guys may not realize it, but you are saving lives here. This day at work has dragged so much i was about to lose the will to live, but–new episode of The Bigfoot Show! Friday is saved!

  4. twnorman says:

    How can we see the video of the lady with the baby carriage coming in and out of view?

  5. Tyler says:

    You guys have the best show!! Can we have a new episode soon please?

  6. […] on Episode 64, I had Seth Breedlove on to talk about the documentary he was working on, Minerva Monster. If you […]

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