Blast from the past


Since it’s mentioned on our last episode, it’s probably worth linking to the Bigfoot Information Project Podcast episode I did about the camera trap work the NAWAC was doing in the Big Thicket several years ago. That weekend was probably the toughest outdoors experience I’ve dealt with. It was crazy hot and humid and the foliage was, at times, nearly impassible. The place is a gnarly tangle that, based on the the near total lack of any human evidence, would be a great place for all kinds of large furtive critters to hide out in. 

Here’s the direct download link to the show. It’s also still available on iTunes and on the project’s long-dormant website.


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7 comments on “Blast from the past
  1. Donn says:

    How many ticks? That’s all I wanna know. How many ticks?

  2. James Batten Jr. says:

    I would like to enter a thought on the existence of “BigFoot” But to do so requires thinking outside the box. I’m a believer in creationism, so my theory probably won’t match yours, but say if you do believe totally in the Bible the you know Genesis 25 talks about the births of Esau and Jacob. Esau was born covered in long reddish hair..Jacob was not. Esau was the hunter, Jacob more or less tilled the earth and tended to the livestock. Esau (who was the first born) was given the birthright, he gave up his birthright to Jacob foolishly. Short story, Jacob’s mother wrapped his hands and arms in long animal fur so that when Issac (who was dying and blind now) felt of Jacob, he would think it was Esau and pass on the family’s birthright; which he did. Jacob was terrified of Esau, he was huge, and covered in red hairy fur and hid for a while until times were safer. I think Esau’s punishment because he gave up God’s given birthright which was handed first to Abraham, then Issac, and now given to Jacob was to wander as a hunter, and perhaps started the line we now refer to as “Bigfoot”
    Sure, its out there, but do you have any better ideas where “Bigfoot” came from? Its plausible to Christians who are staunch creationists…there’s a whole lot stuff explained in the Bible about man’s history on the Earth if you’re open to hearing it.

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