Dahinden talks sasquatch

Cool old radio interview with René Dahinden from 1957.

He talks about the Ruby Creek incident, among other things. René was one of a kind.

Interesting to me that I don’t believe they ever use the word “bigfoot” in this 10 minute conversation.

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4 comments on “Dahinden talks sasquatch
  1. Alton Higgins says:

    Jerry Crew found the tracks at the work site in 1958.

  2. Bryon you do a great job with TBS. I keep listening to the older episodes. Thanks for all your work. I can only imagine the effort you guys have put in.

  3. Loved listening to this. It’s like a podcast from the past. BTW, for any one who ever saw “Harry and the Hendersons”, the French Canadian hunter after Harry is based on Rene Dahinden.

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