Does a bear dance in the woods?

I don’t know much, but I do know a few things.

  1. Bears are real
  2. Bears can be trained to do tricks
  3. Russians trainers seem to be especially good at it

happy ol' bear

So imagine my surprise when a video of what appears to be a well-trained bear from Russia appeared online and, along with it, speculation that it may have been faked. Amazingly (at least to me), just over half of those who viewed the video said they thought it was fake.

You don’t need to be a nuclear physicist to see how the moral of this story can be applied to those of us wondering when and how the existence of bigfoot might be proven. This is a lengthy video of (an admittedly very talented) bear doing what bears have been trained to for generations and half the people who have seen it think it’s the result of some kind of digital legerdemain.

How good will any future bigfoot video need to be in order to be taken seriously?

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4 comments on “Does a bear dance in the woods?
  1. The real question is this, can you teach an old sasquatch new tricks?

  2. JoeZ says:

    If a bear dances in the forest and no one sees it, is he really dancing?

  3. D.S. says:

    Except, as you pointed out, that we had generations of physical evidence of bears before we had video evidence of bears. Video forgeries of bears doing tricks are irrelevant because we don’t need the video to know bears are real.

    WE HAVE THE BEARS. Who cares if people believe the video is real or not?

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