Episode 51: On location in Area X

BFS 051 cover

All X all the time! Brian interviews Alton Higgins, Kathy Strain, and Monica Rawlins on location in Area X and then calls NAWAC Field Coordinator Daryl Colyer to discuss the highlights from the group’s 2013 field study — Operation Relentless — now in progress.

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Show notes:

Episode 38: Nothing but the truth

Episode 39: Down in the valley of the jolly gray wood ape

Kathy’s book, Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture

The Sierra Sounds, Vol 1

Orangutang behavior mentioned by Daryl Colyer:

A Nova episode about the incredible things non-human primates are capable of called Ape Genius.

Intro and extro music is the theme from (you already knew, of course) In Search Of…

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5 comments on “Episode 51: On location in Area X
  1. […] mentioned in Episode 51, one of the more interesting pieces of potential wood ape behavioral evidence I found in Area X […]

  2. Barry says:

    i want to believe what you are saying. i have the names of some obvious liars in my mind that piss in the cheerios for everyone. If you prove them it would be great.

  3. […] “The Bigfoot Show Episode 51: On Location in Area X” […]

  4. […] On Location In Area X Podcast […]

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